Adderley CE Primary School & Nursery

Our main objective at Forest School is to promote self esteem, independence skills, team building, and an awareness of the natural environment. There are many WOW moments of awe and wonder for adults and children alike.

The Forest School sessions provide an exciting and rich context for the children's learning. Many areas of the curriculum are covered during these sessions.

They are always popular with both staff and children. All the children from 3 years of age in Nursery, to 11 years old in Year 6, have weekly Forest School sessions throughout the year.

Forest School Bush Tucker Trials

Elizabeth trying a deep fried stick insect (twiglet)
Niall eating a tasty snail (mussel)
Jasmine slurping a beetle smoothie (kiwi)
This is the beetle smoothie

Christmas in Forest School

Alice and Elsa from class 2 chopping logs ready be made into table decorations
Patrick, Freddy and Patrick from class 2 showing off their table decorations
Edward and Thomas from class 1 making Christmas wreaths