Adderley CE Primary School & Nursery

What is Friends of Adderley School?

Friends of Adderley School is a registered charity that aims to enhance the learning opportunities available to the children at Adderley School - above and beyond the opportunities offered by the school's curriculum. All funds raised by "Friends" events goes towards ensuring that all the children in the school enjoy an enhanced learning experience at our small village school. One of the main contributions Friends of Adderley provides is subsidising the transport for school trips which makes such trips affordable for parents and allows all children to have the opportunity to attend!


TODO: Minutes of the last Friends Meetings: 2nd May 2014

Open to all parents

Friends of Adderley is open to all parents at the school - including nursery - and we would welcome any attendance at Friends meetings (whether one-off or regular!). It is sometimes difficult for parents to attend these meetings as we usually have them after drop off (9am) or before pickup (2:30pm) and we appreciate some parents are working full time or times do not fit in, but we are also aware that we have lots of parents in this situation who wish to contribute or have ideas they would like to put forward, so please feel free to keep in touch with "Friends of Adderley" via the Facebook group or by email.

Timetable of Forthcoming Events

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