Adderley CE Primary School & Nursery

Our GoalsStrategic Goals
To forge stronger and more diverse links with the wider community. To introduce our children to city culture, creating partnerships with urban schools to share experiences.
To have an adaptable curriculum which is tailored to each child's needs. To make provision to provide opportunities for learning in the context of the wider community.
Every child is encouraged to achieve their potential dreams or hopes. To provide the best possible staff and environment to deliver the curriculum.
To ensure Christian values nurture their enthusiasm to learn. To maintain high standards in monitoring, reviewing and planning.

We aim for the children at Adderley to become effective learners. Together, we strive to ensure that we C.A.R.E and our children are:


Our children will have their self esteem nurtured to enable them to be happy in themselves and achieve their full potential. We will ensure children are confident in their ability. We will ensure they are able to recognise the areas in which they are not as strong, and are confident in their strategies for progressing demonstrating endurance. Our children will be given the opportunity to speak in a variety of contexts and to a variety of audiences.


Able to meet future challenges. Our curriculum, both inside and outside the school day, will give the children the skills they need to take to Secondary school and beyond. We will encourage them to have aspirations and ambitions, to ‘dream big dreams’. Our children will not only learn to ask questions but to research answers, analyse information and question plausibility. We will prepare our children for a world that is changing technologically every day. Our children will understand the value of money, be organised and know how to keep themselves safe and healthy.


Responsible members of the community. Our children will be encouraged to be respectful, polite and forgiving of others regardless of their differences, both within and outside of our school community. Our children will be kind and compassionate as well as thankful for the support they receive. They will be able to work in teams, and communicate their ideas with humility. They will recognise their place in the variety of communities they are a part of. Older children will be role models for younger children. Their trust and consideration will enable them all to have effective friendships with all groups, and to deal with disagreements in a just way. Our children will be proud of their school, their faith, their wider community and the part they play within those.

Underpinning these, our children will be:

Effective Learners

We will foster in our children their love of learning, promote their independence and encourage them to ask questions. We will challenge children to ‘have a go’ and ensure they are not afraid of trying new things or of making mistakes. We will enable them to recognise the value in listening to other people and celebrate their achievements. Above all, our children will be motivated to try their best.


Our Values

We use the term Koinonia, which is the Christian value of 'Community', to reflect that at Adderley Church of England School we all work together. The children are supported in their understanding of Christian values alongside British Values to guide their actions.



Adderley Governing Body

The governors of Adderley Church of England Primary School work closely with the Headteacher towards these Goals. Please follow the link to find out more about them and their specific roles.

Governing Body